Chain Link Gate

1.Made by chain link mesh panel.
2.For vehicle or person entrance
3.Round pipe frame
4.Various colors

Chain Link Gate used together with chain link fence in airport, tennis court, zoo, and other places. We can make the vehicle gate and pedestrian gate which are welded or assembled by chain link fence fabric, pipe frame and other fittings.
•Chain link fence panel: 2"(50mm) hole size, BWG 12 (2.7mm) galvanized wire, knuckled edge.
•Round pipe frames: galvanized
•Fittings are galvanized also, included are tension bars, clamps, hinges, latch, and drop rods (for double gates).
•Gate height: 4'-8' (1.2m-2.4m)
•Gate width: 3'-12' (0.9m-3.66m)
•Customize available

You can add a center horizontal brace or vertical brace to the gate.

Gates are approximately 2"(50mm) shorter than height indicated to allow space under bottom. Gates are approximately 3-3/4" narrower than width indicated to allow for hardware. Use two leaves to make a double swing gate of the desired width. Barb wire extensions may be added.